Lori Kirkland

Principal | VP of Strategy & Innovation, Customer Experience at Quisitive
Denver, Colorado, USA

Lori Kirkland With a foundation in anthropology and neuroscience and more than 14 years of experience in software, Lori helps Fortune 100/1000 organizations achieve their business goals by understanding the science of good customer experience. Lori has researched trends and patterns for both customers and employees, by observing their behaviors within the context of actual business settings, transactions, and environments. By identifying and analyzing the positive and negative brain triggers that arise for customers, Neurodesign provides service design recommendations for both interactive and digital solutions—including applications for the Web, mobile devices, the desktop, and kiosks, as well as overall brand perception—based on neuroscience, user experience, and customer experience principles. Working globally, at agencies such as Draft WorldWide, Diego, and Universal Mind, Lori has worked directly in the field of user experience for the past five years. In addition to helping companies understand who their customers are, Neurodesign helps organizations to understand why and how they can improve their customer experience across all channels.

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