Katharina Glück

Copywriter at Ventuz Technology
Munich, Germany

Katharina Glück Katharina has always been a SciFi-geek and technology buff. Her dream was to walk the Star Trek Holodeck or use the hovering multitouch user interfaces of Iron Man, wanting them to be more than just CGI effects. After an attempt to go into the film industry, she discovered that there were already a few companies out there doing what, until then, had seemed impossible: integrating existing technologies to create elegant, interactive user interfaces and presentations that are as compelling as in any SciFi movie. She joined Marketing at Ventuz Technology, a developer of real-time graphics software solutions for presentations and events. At Ventuz, she has been involved in projects ranging from large interactive video walls, immersive domes, holographic projections, and sophisticated corporate presentations to projection mapping on buildings. She currently works as a freelance copywriter and editor and remains very engaged with Ventuz Technology.

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