Amber Westlund

UX Designer at Rockwell Automation
Denver, Colorado, USA

Amber Westlund Amber is a versatile professional with degrees in Computer Science and Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her journey began with an internship at Ford Motor Company and a Co-Op at Rockwell Automation, both centering around continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps, or software development and IT operations. Returning to Rockwell in 2020, Amber joined their Leadership Development Program for Software. Over the course of two years, Amber has undertaken diverse rotations in backend development, User Experience, product management, and industrial automation hardware and software training and support (EIT). This multifaceted experience has given her a holistic understanding of the automation industry. In 2022, Amber transitioned to the role of UX Designer within Rockwell’s software team. Her contributions extend to multiple products, and she currently serves as a lead designer for a simulation product, showcasing her proficiency in delivering user-centered design solutions. Amber assumed the role of Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lead at Rockwell in 2022. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in raising internal and external awareness and leading efforts to comply with inclusive-design principles within the software and hardware automation space.

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