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  1. Book Review: Traction

    August 17, 2020

    Cover: TractionOver the past several years, I’ve been spending more of my time working with startups, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. Many founders have a lot of passion for their ideas and fervently believe they can build a successful company. There are also many programs available to help businesses start up, through grants and matching funds. Plus, there is a plethora of books, Web sites, and other information available to help founders go through the mechanics of establishing a business and filing the right paperwork.

    But what startups are often missing is the ability to effectively manage and lead an organization as it grows. When the time comes to turn an idea for a business into a functioning team that can execute on the business’s purpose, things can get a bit dicey. As a result, these young businesses often tread water, make little progress, hire the wrong people, and fail to build a plan for growing the business. They may have great plans for building technology, but they need help getting on a path to success. Read More

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