September 19, 2022 Edition

UX Leaders’ Getting a Seat at the Top Table

September 19, 2022

One of the top challenges that User Experience faces in business is executive buy-in. As UX professionals, we all know that our discipline deserves a seat at the top table. However, rather frustratingly, this is not always forthcoming for a variety of reasons, including how User Experience relates to Key Performance Indicators in business. So how are we, as UX professionals, going to bridge the gap between the C-Suite and User Experience?

McKinsey Study: The Business Value of Design

In October 2018, McKinsey analyzed the business impact of the design efforts of 300 publicly listed companies over a period of five years, across various industries and countries. Their report found that design-forward organizations performed at twice the rate of their industry competitors when it came to generating revenue. Read More

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How Rapid Usability Testing Is Changing UX Research

September 19, 2022

Traditionally, usability testing has been a long, expensive process—and time-consuming research processes can result in bottlenecks that hurt the effectiveness your usability studies. In UX research, a bottleneck is a situation in which one or several components or resources are limiting the performance or capacity of the entire research process. Bottlenecks cause inefficiencies and delays in turning user feedback into measurable results. Such issues typically happen when there is high demand for research, an overworked research team, and a limited budget; deadlines are tight, communication is poor, and there is a lack of focus on actionable data.

Such research bottlenecks can hurt the entire organization. When dealing with a long, complex project for which testing and results take a long time to complete, UX researchers often feel overworked or defeated. If bottlenecks persist, the business tends to deprioritize research or skip the process altogether, instead relying on people’s personal opinions and incomplete data. Read More

5 Ways to Use Data Visualization in Your Content to Increase Traffic

September 19, 2022

Want to turn statistics into stories? Data visualization is the answer. In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of data visualization and how to start using tables, graphs, maps, and more to communicate complex information in an entertaining, inspiring, and accessible format. Because visual resources tend to resonate highly with readers, this article also explores several opportunities for content creators, designers, and marketers to harness data visualization and visual content, boosting their Web site’s authority and driving traffic.

What Is Data Visualization?

In today’s increasingly crowded digital-content landscape, the ability to digest massive amounts of information and present it effectively has never been more critical. As a result, data-visualization tools and technologies are having a moment. Audiences love their eye-catching aesthetics, while brands use data visualization to spot patterns quickly, predict trends, and turn data into insights. Figure 1 shows an example. Read More

AI and Machine Learning: The Power Behind Today’s Best Customer-Research Platforms

September 19, 2022

The customer-feedback industry is exploding, with its market size expected to reach $3,292.8 million USD by 2027. Many companies that want to capitalize on this growth are turning to customer-research platforms. These platforms can compile huge datasets of qualitative and quantitative video and voice feedback to generate rich analysis and targeted insights for these companies.

For example, a customer-research platform might compare product messaging to customer descriptions, offer an analysis of customer sentiment to inform a company’s public-facing decisions or leadership changes, or utilize thematic clustering to analyze themes across qualitative survey responses to inform action items or even KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The foundation of these customer-research platforms is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology, including automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural-language processing and natural-language understanding (NLP/NLU) applications. Read More

Why Your Mobile App Needs an Effective UX Design

September 19, 2022

Using mobile applications in your daily life, what do you experience? Do their striking features grab your attention? Do their appealing colors and designs catch your eye? Is it the design details that are blowing your mind, or does the content pique your interest in using mobile apps? When using any mobile app, we must find something intuitive about its user interface, so once we start using it, we’ll spend hours taking advantage of the app’s services. What we experience as users while using a mobile app plays a vital role in the mobile app’s success.

Offering a mobile app has now become a necessity for every business. Startups and enterprises alike are launching mobile apps to ensure their ventures’ success. But, before delving into our main topic, let’s consider some insights into mobile apps and their requirements. Read More

September 05, 2022 Edition

A/B Testing in 7 Steps to Quickly Improve Your Conversions

September 5, 2022

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of comparing two versions of a Web page, application, or campaign to see which one performs better. By running A/B tests on your Web site’s UX design, email newsletter copy, or social-media ads after making small design changes with the goal of improving them, you can see which version produces the best results and increases your conversions.

In this article, I’ll discuss some effective approaches to doing A/B testing that can quickly improve your conversions. Read More

Understanding Regulatory Compliance and Making It Work on Your Web Site

September 5, 2022

All companies, regardless of their industry or size, must operate in compliance with specific government rules and regulations. In fact, regulatory compliance refers to a set of rules that businesses must abide by under the law. For instance, it could entail following the guidelines the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established to provide a secure working environment for your staff members. Or it could require adhering to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) regulations that guarantee impartial hiring procedures.

Some regulations are specific to certain industries—for instance, food-industry regulations that cover the entire supply chain—and ensure the safety of specific types of products. Of course, food-industry standards are very different from those for the financial-services sector—some of which concentrate on cybersecurity and the secure handling of sensitive data. Read More

5 Reasons to Invest in User Experience

September 5, 2022

For marketing and business, User Experience and UX design are rising stars, primarily because of their contributions to product creation and the need to provide relevant, meaningful experiences to their clients. User Experience also comprehends designing processes regarding product acquisition, integration, design, usability, and branding.

Because of the potential of User Experience to provide seamless user experiences and thus, increase market consumption, it follows that User Experience aligns with other business activities such as purchasing, owning, or troubleshooting a product. UX designers not only create usable products but also provide efficient and pleasurable experiences. Read More

Top 5 Technology Trends in UX Design

September 5, 2022

The goal of UX design is to make the experience better, smoother, and more pleasant for everyone. We no longer communicate and connect with people just through our phone. Our daily lives are changing as a result of smart speakers and virtual assistants that can play music for us or turn off our stove.

UX design is among the most dynamic design disciplines because we now live in a completely new world of interactivity. With increasing numbers of users, requirements, shifting needs, and responses, UX and UI designers must meet challenges and opportunities that did not previously exist—such as the development of novel interactions and relationships. Read More

Why Hire a UX Consultant?

September 5, 2022

When your business is launching a Web site, you want to ensure that your customers will have the best possible experience. If your site works well on a technical level, but you’re still not getting the level of sales for which you were hoping, it’s most likely because users aren’t getting the user experience they were expecting. Hiring a UX consultant can help you improve your company’s Web site. Let’s consider how a UX consultant can improve your online customer experience.

What UX Consultants Do

An experienced UX consultant has a full understanding of how your Web-site design impacts your overall sales. Good UX design should serve the business, but keep the customer in mind and make a Web site pleasant to use. UX design impacts many aspects of business success, from sales to engagement and satisfaction. All of these are vital to your business, and your UX consultant can help you improve them. Read More